Friday, November 12, 2010

2010 11 12 - Ya Moscovich: Restaurants

For our Friday Night Dinner Billie Jo, our roommate Salwa, and I all went out in Moscow for Thai Food.

Russians are not very fond of spicy food. We were sort of curious how a Russian restaurant would deal with the dilemma of melding the Spicy Signature of Thai food with the tone of the Russian palate.

Honestly, I am not all that enamored by spicy foods myself - Thai food included. I do like Chinese food - Lo Mein's and Fried Rice - stuff that is fried and greasy. I do like several Thai dishes as long as they are not in the hot hot hot zone (or "Phet" in Thai ).

The Thai Restaurant we checked out was called "BAAN THAI" - I assume BAAN is a Thai word as it is not a Russian Word - Perhaps it means "Kitchen" as the Business card from the venue specifies "Thai Kitchen" in Russian.

We were spotted as English speakers as we entered the restaurant. For this reason we were given an Indian Waiter I imagine. Between us we had 3 dishes and 3 apps. The Tom Yom Goong was spicy and hot. The Thai Salad was good. The Pad Thai was very good. I ordered Shrimp Chips (a personal favorite) which were priced at 180 rubles - the store bought dreck ones in Moscow are well over 200 pyb (that means rubles).
Pad Thai with Shrimp Chips (and a Stella Artois in a very heavy glass)

The Curries (1 Tofu, 1 Chicken) were ok. They were much thicker then you would get at home - almost the consistency of fondue - but they tasted ok. The Spiciest dishes were the Tom Yom Goong (very spicy) and the Spice that accompanied the Pad Thai.

My My
My My which is pronounced Moo-Moo - the cyrillic "y" is used for the "oo" sound as in well, Moo - is a Russian Cafeteria chain. And Yes they have a cow motif. White plates and bowls with Black splotches on them. This is a decent place to go for cheap Russian-style food. Borsht and Soup with Bread, Batter Fried and stewed meats, Desserts and Juices.

We tried out a Georgian (European not Gritsville) restaurant here - They serve a delicious stuffed bread called Khachipuri (the K is sort of silent) and I think they may also be known for their Kebab's

American Food
Earlier I had a posting on the Starlite Diner - There are several other American style eateries throughout Moscow as well as many American Chains including Fast Food giants like McDonalds and Burger King - Pizza Joints: Pizza Hut and Papa John's; Coffee+ types Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Moscow newbie Cinnabon - I think there is also Au Bon Pain, but it may be a copycat restaurant. Among the middle range chains are TGI Fridays and Hard Rock Cafe. I am not sure we will get to any of the above other the McDs which I plan on giving a full write up at some point.

Of course there is Much Much more

Moscow is a big city and like New York you can pretty much get any style of food you want - If you peruse the Restaurants listings in the paper the largest section is dedicated to Italian Food - There are several sections for Euro-Cuisines including French, Greek, Irish and English. Asia is covered by several sub-sections as well (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Vietnamese). There are also Mexican, Carribean and Seafood Categories.

The Georgian food is covered by a rather substantial section titled "Caucasian". The Ukrainian and Uzbek both have their own listings.

To visit all of the places we would like is well beyond our budget, but we will try and sample as much of the big city as we can while we are here.

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