Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 11 04 - On Tour: MMOMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Billie Jo took the occasion of the Russian Unity Day Holiday to visit the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA).

As the name seems to imply the Moscow Museum of Modern Art contains work that are considered avant-garde/shocking - or junk depending on your opinion.

The Museum has three floors - Each floor basically housed a separate exhibition.  The ground floor featured an exhibition based upon iconic Fairy Tale creatures titled "Forest Vision".  The second floor had a collection of works by various artists dedicated to gender issues.  The top floor had a seemingly minimalist exhibition by the British Artist Martin Creed titled and involving "Numbers".

Forrest Vision 
The Forrest Vision exhibit was the most disappointing.  There were maybe a half dozen rooms and every one of the rooms reminded me of the apartments of every "artist" I knew in college - White walls with Fantasy Paintings, Collages, Beads, Jewelry etc etc.  The collages were supersized and very complex - maybe too complex - lots of Photoshop going on using a combination of local "models/actors" and Pop Icons (Elvis, Jim Morrison Madonna etc).

Dorm Room

Two of the four Fairy Talk icons were Sleeping Beauty and the Phoenix.  I can't remember the other two and to be honest I don't remember anything that remotely resembled a Phoenix.    

Gender Issues

The Gender Issues was a collected works exhibit that seemed a bit more artful and certainly more uhm.....Graphic.  There was lots of nudity - mostly not very erotic either.  There were some interesting pieces on the floor and definitely items to talk about.

Martin Creed

"Numbers" was mostly a minimalist exhibit.


Seven nails of increasing size pounded into the opposite wall of a bare room.  Art?

Film of a woman vomiting for 1 minute and 6 seconds.  This probably should be considered artful because it was the one piece that had benches for one to sit upon while appreciating the work.

But the Final Room was pretty cool

Billie Jo in Numbers Balloon Room (click to enlarge) 

Now that is ART!!

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