Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 11 14 - Moscow's Trees of Love

A relatively recent phenomenon that has begun in Moscow is that of the Lock Trees of Love. The idea is that couples can symbolize their love by attaching a lock to one of several iron trees on the Luzhkov Bridge. The Luzhkov is a pedestrian bridge that spans the Moskva River near the Kremlin and Red Square.

Billie Jo and I at our lock tree

See the Giant Lock with two huge hearts above Billie Jo's head. That's not our lock.

Ours is the quality possibly American made gold one that you can only see the side of - it is to the right of my eye and sort of points in the direction of 4 o'clock (bottom) oand 10 o'clock (top).

Moscow Trees of Love

There are many trees on the bridge and a few more that dot the sidewalk near the bridges landings. We elected to place our lock on the top tree at the bridges apex, which was of course the fullest tree on the bridge. The photo above shows a few of the trees on the Bridges North? side which leads towards the Kremlin.

2010 11 14 Sunset over the Moskva River

This is a picture of the Sunset from the Luzkhov Bridge.

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Matt F. said...

Wow, those trees make the bridge we found look like nothing special!