Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 11 26 St Petersburg: The Neva, Kunstkammer and Zoological Museum

Kuntskammer is an anthropology and ethnography museum.

During his reign, Peter the Great sent out explorers to the corners of the earth to bring back artifacts from the different cultures that were encountered.  The results of this journey are housed in Kunstkammer.

Kunstkammer musical Instruments

I think this is actually an item from Jordan, but it looks like a Thai Piano.  Of course after we found this we found the real Thailand Exhibit which included the following: 

Thai Instruments at Kunstkammer
I am familiar with the Lute - standing upright on the R side of the photo and of course the conga.  Not sure if I have seen the bell thing and there is a Harp or Guitar type instrument in the middle.

To get to Kunstkammer we crossed the semi-frozen Neva River.

Neva River - Hermitage to the Right

Neva River at Night

Ice Breaker on the Neva
It is hard to capture the beauty of St Petersburg on the Neva in a photo.  Even under the grey dreariness and biting cold of the incoming winter the city and the river are stunning to see.

OK here is a good place for the animal lovers to jump off and read the next posting.

We are headed next door to the St Petersburg Zoological Institute and Museum.  Similar to the Ethnography Museum, the goal was to span the globe and bring back examples of all the species of animals.  The animals that were found are displayed at the Zoological Museum.

Polar Bears

Since it is Deer Season I thought we might feature some Racks

For the Orioles Fans

Butterflies which are part of a rather large Insect Collection
The Institutes Star Feature is this Skeleton of a Blue Whale which spans the length of the entrance hall
Fin of the Blue Whale
There were also skeletons and stuffed versions of practically any animal you can think of including several varieties of Cats and Dogs.  There were Mammals, Reptiles, Fish and Birds.  There was a Wooly Mamoth an other Dinosaurs.  Crocodiles, Zebras, Walrus and Penguins all inhabit the large interesting and packed exhibit.   


This has nothing to do with the sports branding survey I have been doing but the girl working the counter in the Kafe at Kunstkammer was wearing a Rammstein shirt.

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