Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 11 07 - On Tour: Victory Park

Victory Park

Victory Park is located on Poklonnaya Hill which is one of the highest spots in Moscow. The park is a Memorial to those Russians who served in the Great Patriotic War, or World War II to Americans.

The park contains a huge obelisk and The Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Several statues honor leaders and soldiers involved in the war During the summer there are 1418 fountains that run the length of the park each one symbolizing a day in the five year conflict (1941-1945).

Victory Park Obelisk
The Oblelisk stands 150 meters - A statue of Nike (the Goddess of Shoes Victory) stands above the structure.

At the base of the Obelisk is a Statue of St George Slaying the Dragon. This is an image that can be seen throughout Moscow as the triumphant St George is also present on the Coat of Arms of Moscow.

Victory Park Eternal Flame
The building in the background is the Great Patriotic War Museum. There is a Tomb of the unknown soldier located near the Kremlin. I do not believe that there is a Tomb at the Victory Park location, but the flame itself was lit from the one that burns at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. Note that the soldiers guarding the flame in this photo are women.

Victory Park Clock Winter

This is a hill on the side of the park MOCKBA is written in Yellow. These of course mean Moscow - which is pronounced MOSKVA. As you may remember from our PECTOPAH lesson the S sound in Russian is represented by the C. Now we introduce the V sounds which is represented by a B. The B/v is significantly more common in Russian and I will try to get to a discussion of that in the future.

The Clock is the round figure to the left of the photo. During the winter time the clock does not have hands. it is merely a circle. However....

Victory Park Clock in Summer

During the summer the clock is much more colorful and actually has hands - and it is also not dark at twenty after 6 in the afternoon!

The clock is made up of living flowers - think Rose Bowl Parade float. Ok I am sure anybody reading has seen the Rose Bowl Parade in like 30 years - well, during the broadcast they mention that every float is completely composed of living flowers - and they mention this about a hundred times during the parade.

On the Winter Clock the color comes from wood chips that have been dyed this is both the case for the area where the clock resides and the MOCKBA signage.


While at Victory Park there was a Man on one of the five steps (each step symbolizes a year in the war) wearing an NHL knit cap. No specific team just a knit cap with the NHL logo - a little odd - but I am counting anyway. The NHL needs all the love it can get - beside I cannot have Hockey Finish behind NASCAR.

New York Yankees 4
Boston Celtics 1
Elliot Sadler 1
Atlanta Braves 1
Chicago Bulls 1
Los Angeles Dodgers 1

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