Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 11 06 - Farewell Coolpix S570

This is the final picture Billie Jo took with our Nikon Coolpix S570.

Moscow State University

Click on the picture and you can see some of what the Coolpix 570 was capable of, and I actually shrunk this photo by half so it wouldn't take forever to load when clicking on the blog page - and the picture is still huge.

If the building itself looks familiar it is because Moscow State University is house in one of the other Seven Sisters Buildings that I mentioned in the recent Hotel Ukraine Post. 

Nikon Coolpix S570

We do have my camera as a back up - But this is grainy caliber of photos that come from my 5 year old Canon camera.  Actually it typically does much better than this, but we were dealing with low light.  Still you can see the predicament the Coolpix 570 is in with it's eye half open.  I had dropped the camera with the lens open and have not been able to get it closed.  There are a series of tips I found on the -net but I could only get it to nearly close and there the lens has stayed.

I feel bad - Billie Jo loved that camera - we looked at cameras for the trip for several weeks before she left in July and she was very happy with the one she picked.  It took great pictures, was easy to use and compact.

The rest of our Saturday did not go well either - there were disappointments talking with camera people and we got locked out of our apartment on a day when we just wanted to get home. 

There were bright spots.  The Moscow State Campus has a great view of the city. 

Of course we had no camera to take a picture of the view from....

And people asked us to take their picture with their working camera.

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