Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 11 10 - Language Lesson: A Little Vodka

Here we are in the middle of the school week and I realize I haven't talked about school at all.  This is the Language Lesson for the week.   

This is a real conversation that BilIie Jo and I had on the Metro a few days ago:

ME:  How do you say "A Little"? 
JO:  What do you mean? - In What Context?
ME:  Well  - If somebody asks me "Do you want some Vodka?",  How do I say "A little"
JO:  (dead serious) Russian's Don't Say That.

Language Lesson
Of course, I thought she meant when Russian's drink Vodka they only drink a lot of Vodka.  The veracity of that statement is for a different discussion.

But what she was telling me is that there is no specific phrase to mean "a Little".

For some expressions they only have one phrase and insert a negative in front of the word or phrase.

The word for a Lot is MNOGA - easy for me to remember - The Vikings used to have a Defensive Lineman who had the last Name NOGA - and he was BIG or A Lot as in MNOGA.  If I can relate something to sports or numbers there is a chance I can remember it.   

The Russian word for No is of course NYET and they have NE for Not.  To say a Little one would say NE MNOGA.  The words run together and the NE has a short i to finish -> The phrase comes out sounding like NiM-NOGA.


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Jo said...

Probably nemnogo is what you would use in the context of 'a little vodka'.4