Friday, November 5, 2010

2010 11 05 - On Tour: Hotel Ukraine

Actually we didn't have to do much touring to get to the Hotel Ukraine. You can see it from our Apartment.

Hotel Ukraine from our Kitchen

Hotel Ukraine Top (click to enlarge)

The Hotel Ukraine is one of Seven Stalin Era Skyscrapers referred to as the Seven Sisters. The Hotel Ukraine was originally completed in 1953 - The Hotel has been renovated and re-opened just this past April. The Hotel Ukraine stands 34 floors and was the tallest hotel in the world until 1975. Today it is still the second tallest hotel in Europe. The hotel has a picturesque location on the Moskva River near Moscow's Business center.

The hotel has over 500 rooms and an art collection of over 1200 original paintings by prominent Russian artists from the first half of the 20th century. There are five restaurants in the hotel which also features boutique shopping and if you need to buy a Rolls Royce there is a dealership on the Hotels ground floor.

The renovations were done to open the building as a 5 star hotel. Unfortunately this meant turning the building over to investors - in this case a group connected with the Radisson Hotel Change. And as you can see the Radisson Logo is much larger and gaudier than the Hotels original Hotel Ukraine Nameplate.

Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow (from the front w/ Gaudy Logo)

Billie Jo in front of the Hotel Ukraine

Statue of some Dude in front of Hotel Ukraine

Hotel Ukraine is well-situated for business travelers and is just a short walk along the beautiful Moskva river away from Moskva City.

Moskva City

Moskva City or New Moscow is as it appears a brand new office park near the Moscow City Center - sure to house the offices of many international companies.


During the short walk to the Hotel Ukraine we crossed paths with a Dodgers fan.

New York Yankees 4
Boston Celtics 1
Elliot Sadler 1
Atlanta Braves 1
Chicago Bulls 1
Los Angeles Dodgers 1

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