Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 10 31 - Happy Halloween from the Starlite Diner

On Halloween weekend we dropped in on Moscow's Popular Ex-Pat restaurant the Starlite Diner. The Starlite is designed to evoke an America that nobody my age really ever lived in, and possibly no American really ever lived in.

The Starlite is a 1950s American Style Diner - is there really any other era the American Diner is styled in - It has the whole Arnold's thing going on. The diner has stainless steel plating throughout. The counter has malt shop stools - Pictures of Classic Cars, Elvis and other Icons adorn the walls. The Menu is big on Burgers, Sandwiches, and the Classic Milkshake - and of course they serve breakfast all day and they even have Bacon.

To properly celebrate the Halloween weekend the Starlite dressed itself up with Jack-O-Lanterns, Blood, Cobwebs and Caskets. The festive Staff was costumed as well - Waiters and Waitresses were dressed as Vampires, Cats, Nurses, and Nuns. There was a TV near our booth that had one of the Scream Movies playing - It had a bunch of the principals but we never figured out which one it was.

remains one of my favorite holidays and I was afraid that the occasion would not be marked while we were in Moscow - The Starlite was definitely a pleasant surprise.

I am not sure Russia has an entire grasp of what Halloween is, but they do know how it is portrayed in Movies - and they also have a grasp of how adults celebrate Halloween. One of the Moscow Alt-Weekly's (yes Moscow has at least two Alt-Papers that are in English) had a full page of Club party listings for the big weekend. An article described Halloween as a Holiday designed for Women to dress up in outfits they would never wear in public...Unless they were a Muscovite.

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