Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 10 28 - The World Series

I have class at 4p on Thursday. Since Billie Jo works a full day, I have a few hours of free time in the morning and early afternoon. I decide to catch the previous nights World Series Game 1 on via delay.

It is an exciting first game match up with both teams featuring their aces - Former Phil Cliff Lee goes for the Rangers while the Giants send out their own "Freakish" looking #1 in the person of Tim Lincecum.

I am watching the first couple of innings fast forwarding through some dull parts then while watching the Giants bat the screen freezes - At that precise moment, the ugly mug of Cody Ross is filling the entire screen. I wait a few seconds, half minute, an entire minute - finally I can't take it - of all players to freeze on - why the one who single-handedly demolished the Phils pitching staff during the NLCS? Why Why Why!!!

I finally log out of the session and try again - when I do this I notice a cool little feature on the game time scroll section - it allows you to skip to a specific inning. I check this out - UNFORTUNATELY when you go to pick an inning the selection area it displays the Stinking Line Score. There it is--the Giants win 11-7 with big chunks of scoring in the 5th and 8th innings.

Sadly Cliff Lee had a rough start and took the loss. I am mixed on the outcome as I am pulling for the Giants, but want to see Lee perform well.


oh yeah I did have class today and that means that I did get out and about - on my way to school, I see somebody wearing a jacket with the M&Ms candy logo on it. It also has the number 38 boldly printed on the front. I am no NASCAR aficianado but I think I see a connection.

Later in the day I check on line and there was indeed a #38 M&M car driven by an Elliot Sadler a few years ago. Unfortunately Mr Sadler is looking for a ride as of press time.

Ok I wasn't counting on seeing any NASCAR branding while abroad, but I will add this to the tally although I sort of believe that may have been Eliot Sadler himself - I mean who else would wear that jacket??

Boston Celtics 1
New York Yankees 1
Eliot Sadler 1

You knew it had to happen, I have composed an entire entry dedicated exclusively to sports.

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