Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 10 26 - Navigating The Metro

I manage to escape from the apartment and find my way to the metro - R-L-R through the Parry-Hood turn at the MacDonalds and cross the street to the mall.

We have reached the moment I have been prepping for.

I am at the Metro.

I have my Metro card out - 60 rides for 1000 rubles I think ($30). I enter the station and pick the right train to get on - Belaruskaya - The trains are always pretty full but they are always running. I have to get used to the Russian custom of pushing and shoving, but this task is relatively easy to pick up. I ride the train for two stops to Belaruskaya, without losing count. While on the train and riding the escalators to and from the underground I read the Russian Ads. Mainly I just read letters and look for transliterations.

Once off the metro, I need to navigate Belaruskaya Metro station and Vokzal. This involved leaving the metro crossing some sort of square where a lot of work is being done, entering the Beleruskaya Vokzal (train station - different then the metro station) crossing underground to the other end of the station and emerging on Leningradsky Prospect. A Prospect is a large road (six lanes perhaps) similar to Broad Street in Philadelphia I suppose. Leningradsky is one of the main streets through Moscow and if you take it the opposite direction it leads directly to Red Square (after some name changes). Going the direction I am currently traveling it leads to my school.

At this point it is just a straight shot to the school - about 5 blocks in the freezing cold.

Once I get there I am told to enter the school just like I know what I am doing. Things here get done on Russian time - and I have yet to receive my student ID. Billie Jo tells me that only one of the guards is a jerk and I should be able to enter the building without an issue.

Well guess who gets the Jerk.

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