Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 10 23 - Domodedovo(DME) Moscow

I leave the plane and the first stop is immigration. Everything goes well - signs are well marked and in English. While waiting at immigration someone tries to cut in front of me - I quickly remember there are no Russian customs for waiting nor personal space. Think of standing in the betting line at the Track, Turf club or any other OTB. If your not right behind the person ahead of you your not next.

I hand my immigration card to the person attending the station and she asks me to remove my glasses - I am in Moscow all of 20 minutes and the first woman I meet is flirting with me!

The officer hand back my immigration card - this is an important document - I will need to carry with my passport and visa at all times - loss of the immigration card will incur a $2000 fine.

Next up is baggage claim - I am looking for a burgandy suitcase I borrowed from my folks. I win the luggage lottery as my bag emerges relatively quickly - I easily identify it by the orange plastic bag my father had tied around the handle during a previous trip.

one final line for Customs. This time I know not to bother any conventional American line rules and expectations. I jam into the funnel of travelers readying myself for the customs process....except there is no process. I go through a door and possibly a metal detector and through another set of doors and I am in Moscow.

There is a fence around the arrival area, where I spot a few dozen people awaiting friends, family and colleagues. I do not spot Billie Jo.

I exit the arrival area - several men approach me barking "Taksi" "Taksi" "Taksi" - I take a quick glance around still no Billie Jo.

I position myself by a pole with a good view of the area. I remind myself that Billie Jo may not make the first train to the airport, but she definitely expects to be on the 11:47 or 12:15 trains. it is now 11:15.

Then I see a pretty girl in line at the newsstand. I know that pretty girl!! - she turns around and almost walks right by me - It's Billie Jo!!!

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