Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 10 26 - My Papers

When I leave my apartment I try and always carry these six things:

1) Wallet
2) Phone
3) Passport - including Visa and Immigration papers
4) Metro Card
5) Student ID
6) Small Notebook including a map

Number 1 and 2 are pretty easy - I typically carry them at home.

The Visa is permanently affixed to my Passport and I keep this information along w/ my immigration card inside of a money belt - carrying a Passport is fairly common practice throughout Europe, but it is just a pain because they are so large.

The Metro Card I keep in a hard plastic sleeve that I typically use to protect baseball cards - my hobby finally comes through for something useful.

I travel with my Student ID even when not going to school because it is good for Student Discounts throughout the City especially at Museums and other tourist locations.

And I keep the map in case of some sort of emergency where I get dropped off at the wrong metro stop or some other craziness happens.


My most pressing issue right now is for one of the above items that I do not yet have - My Student ID. Billie Jo told me to call a person I have not yet met to talk to the guard if I am stops. The person is named Jon Smith - sounds like she is making this up.

Thankfully Jon answers the Phone and he talks to the guard. The Guard never smiles - nor will he remember me on subsequent trips - he pushes a button and the turnstile unlocks.

I am off to class.

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