Friday, October 29, 2010

2010 10 29 - On Tour: Red Square - Russian State Historical Museum

Russia State Historical Museum

The State Historical Museum of Russia resides at the Northern End of Red Square. As the name implies the museum documents the history of Russia. The museum contains a series of rooms each of which represents an era or region both in content and in decor.

The first couple of rooms deal with cro-magon men and probably don't differ from any such museum in the states. There are several rooms dedicated to different churches and religions. There is a heavy dose of a French influenced period during the 1800s.

Among the highlights was a 6 foot tall globe and an incredible 360 degree panorama of Moscow taken from the Church of the Savior in the 1890s.

The last room was dedicated to jewelry and medals where I unexpectedly found something.

Russia State Museum - Athletic Medals

The two medals on top are from the 1980 Olympics (the ones boycotted by the Americans and many other allies). #10 and #11 are (non-olympic medals) for Greco Roman Wrestling and Fencing respectively.

#12 is interesting in that it is a Women's Basketball Championship Medal from 1959. Apparently the Russians were way out in front of Title IX.

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