Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 10 25 - Moscow International University (MIU)

It is Monday and Billie Jo has class today - I do not but I need to learn my way to the school because I will need to travel there on my own on Tuesday, so I join Billie Jo for her day of class at Moscow International University.

I can tell you much about MIU - To me it is basically one building plus a dormitory. There are six floors of classrooms that all seem to be small in size - basically starting at conference room size up to 20-25 seaters. The classrooms are on the perimeter of the building which surround a good size atrium which contains a cafe and about a half dozen tables for students to dine socialize and I suppose study. There is a computer room on the first floor which I use to check email frequently. On one of the upper floors there is a small theater for the schools arts programs.

The Facilities

Billie Jo has class from 12-5 on Mondays so I have brought some books along to read and tour guide book to check out while she is in class. I ask her where the men's room is and she doesn't know - she has been here 3 months and has no idea where the men's room is - I suppose that is a good thing maybe - anyway, She asks me if I need to go now. I tell her well not now, but you know in the next FIVE HOURS - maybe I might want to go - especially in the condition I am in - from traveling, lack of sleep, strange schedules and strange foods. And if I do need to find one it is not like I know how to ask someone.

Billie Jo asks a professor where the bathroom is - of course it's a Woman - and she doesn't know.

We do finally find a Men's room. If you have traveled enough I am sure you are aware that public facilities can be dicey - The bathrooms at MIU are no different. I go to the far stall (I always do this - it's a habit) - no seat - 2nd stall - no seat no hanger(for the parka I need to wear everywhere) - 3rd Stall - Seat check, Paper check, Hanger Check. Perfect - plus as a bonus there is Graffiti in English w Loopy letters "TAKE SOME HITS FROM THE BONG BITCH ASS" This message is apparently directed at someone named Josh.

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