Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010 10 30 - On Tour: State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno

Tsaritsyno Park Entrance

The State Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno is a huge park with a collection of gothic style buildings that was originally built during the reign of Catherine the Great (late 18th century). The original plans were abandoned - due to a lack of funding/ change of plans on the part of Catherine.

The buildings were refurbished recently with re-construction beginning in 1984 and completed in 2007. The park is an oasis roughly 20-30 minutes outside the city by metro. I rarely am disturbed by city/urban noise, but instantly noticed the quiet once we emerged into the Tsaritsyno area. It was almost eerie quiet.

Catherine the Great

The last weekend in October was fairly warm for Moscow and there were many Moscovites exploring the park. The park is particularly popular site for taking wedding photographs and we saw plenty of brides - perhaps 20 - while exploring the grounds.

There is a bit of irony with all of the Wedding Bliss occurring at Tsaritsyno. I was looking up information on wikipedia about Catherine the Great who I may done a history report on her during Middle school....

At any rate, in addition to being a great leader whose reign oversaw great developments within the country of Russia it also turns out that Catherine was quite the hussy. I definitely don't remember that from my middle school book report.

Once again Wikipedia proves to be very informative.


Tsaritsyno Park Ponds

The Ponds at Taritsyno are the largest in Moscow. The Palace is located atop the Hill.

The Grand Palace

Diorama of Tsaritsyno (click to enlarge)

The diorama gives you an idea of the layout of the grounds. The Palace is at the top right of the photo. It had rained recently and you can see puddles of water where the Ponds are located.

Billie Jo at Tsaritsyno


1 Yankees Knit Cap.

New York Yankees 2
Boston Celtics 1
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