Friday, October 29, 2010

2010 10 29 - On Tour: Red Square: ReCap

It is amazing what you can find on Google Maps:

Google Maps: Red Square (click to enlarge)

You will need to Enlarge to really get all this but here is the summary:

-In the Yellow Box is the Lenin Library - The Dostoyevsky statue is the dark spot in the top right hand corner of the box.
-The Series of Green Boxes is Alexandrovsky Garden
-St Basils's Cathedral is in Blue
-The Kremlin is the many buildings in and around the Red Circle
-The Red Dot is just Right of Lenin's Tomb
-The State History Museum is just below the A Balloon. This is also where Google Maps locates the center of Moscow - more on that later.

You can map this on your own by typing Moscow Russia into Google Maps and going in to the 3rd closest magnification.

Google Maps: St Basil's Cathedral - Lenin's Tomb (click to Enlarge)

Check these out. I have manipulated the orientation on both locations but these are each available by drilling down to Google Maps closest magnification. If you enlarge these you can make out the blue and white onion on St Basils and you can actually see individual tourists getting a close look at Lenin's Tomb.

The Complete Red Square Postings:
1 - Russia State Library
2 - Alexandrovsky Gardens
3 - St Basil's Cathedral
4 - Lenin's Tomb
5 - The Kremlin
6 - Russia State Historical Museum
7 - Red Square ReCap

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