Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Puerto Rico 2009 03 06 - 2009 03 11

This is a street in Old San Juan, click to enlarge and you can see the ocean at the end - actually that is probably the bay. I can't figure out the orientation here right now.

The three photos below are of one of the two forts on each side of San Juan. Someday when I have more time I will add the names of the forts here.

Picture of the Bay from San Juan

Below is a Mofungo - I think it is Bananas Mashed and Fried and then they pour over your choice of toppings. Typically I think they use pork, this is Chicken. There is some sort of mild spice that gives it that red/orange color.

Hiram Bithorn Stadium - Above = outside, Below is during the Puerto Rico v Nederlands game

I have bunches of other pix but I just wanted to post a few so Dad would stop bothering me about putting up pictures.